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Strollers (also GPS)

Paulhaguet’s canton, where Saint Didier sur Doulon belongs to, has 23 official stroller tours. One of them is that long, that it will take two days to walk it. These PR (petites randonnées) tours named “balisage jaunes”, are marked by yellow stripes. Besides those marks exists a guide “Paulhaguet entre Senouire et Doulon” with detailed descriptions of all the tours and maps in it. The distances of these tours vary between four and fourteen miles. The heights vary between 463 until 1.150 metres, and you will stroll them between one and a half up to six hours. The levels of difficulty vary between easy and tough.

Through our village you’ll find four official stroller tracks. One of them is a long distance track, named Robe de Bure et Cotte de Mailles. This Robe de Bure et Cotte de Mailles, is a tour throughout the department Haute-Loire and has a length of 101 miles. The other three local tracks can be strolled directly from your bed & breakfast. The tour “Le Soleil du Doulon” is a difficult tour with a length of 13 miles.“La Vallée du Doulon” has an average degree and has a length of 9 miles. The last one, “Entre Senouire et Doulon”, is a track with a longer distance that usually will be done in two days. It has a length of almost 22 miles, and we recommend this track to view the fantastic area. We can also take care of the transport by car, towards and from the points were the track ends and starts for the next day.

Of cause we are in the possession of all the detailed and topographic maps. Strolling with (Garmin) GPS is possible, you can rent one at your stay, also with specially detailed maps of the area’s.



All the communes take care of the accessibility of the routes. This is an initiative from the local department. Le Grand Trianon takes care too of the local routes, as a “Compagnon de route” in association with FFRandonnée.

We are happy that there is no mass tourism in the region, but more and more strollers discover this area.






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